Opening Talk

Opening Talk

Opening the workshop


Yeah, thank you for showing up. This is really cool seeing so many people in here. I think we put together some some quite nice Talks today. So let me start with an introduction.

Who's going to be speaking today and the general schedule that we that we want to keep? I have a very short presentation for this.

I know this is shifting every screen around. Sorry about that.

Alright, so basically, we have a workshop website for this. This is, because the XYZ domains are incredibly cheap. So you can check all our talk material there, and there's also the link to the GitHub, which is way too long and it has my name and no one can spell my name not even myself sometimes. So there's the link right when you go to the website, and of course all the information like about PI data. And yeah, the speakers as well.

And speaking of speakers, we have some really cool people coming. So Goku is the creator of Made with ML, which is one of my favorite resources in ML ops. And just yeah, a great resource for for like, for anything that that goes beyond just training your model. It's really fantastic. Check it out if you haven't yet. Whenever I share it on my newsletter, people go wild for it because it's such a good resource. That will be a little bit later because he'll be tuning in from the east coast, which is the most terrible timezone difference that we could have for the Americas. So it is five in the morning right now for him. I told him six is fine. Then we have Mike. Mike is from the University of Manchester and we'll be talking about like scientific insights and pitfalls. And then we have fellow organizer Gemma Turon from a cilia and she will be talking about like, making machine learning work and experimental. Experimental pipelines, that's the word and then of course Valaria module at Anaconda. He's a dev rel, and we'll talk about my favorite topic, machine learning evaluation. And yeah, of course myself. I will just give a broad overview why we want to make things reproducible. And this is the broad schedule. This is the opening. I should probably be keeping time starting with myself then Valeria takes over with some practical insights. Then we have the first invite to talk by Mike we want to have a break possible a chat but just to break the two hours up because two hours is rough. Not just for us but also for everyone attending. So that's the coffee break where everyone has to unfortunately provide their own coffee. And then hopefully Goku will join as well. And Gemma is going to take us out of this workshop and of course we'll finish with lecture and discussion and audience questions how everyone does their session is up to every speaker so if it's totally interactive with Jupyter Notebooks, but I think we'll have a lot of like more like talk style presentations here because it kind of lends itself to that. And then we have five minutes for closing or five minutes for like time shifts. And I can run over because I'm the first one. So let's go over to the other slide real quick. That is going to help. Yeah, it's just I'm just sharing my screen so this should be alright. Let's go. So yeah, also, like of course this workshop the Code of Conduct from PI data applies and everything and yeah, you'll have to find your own emergency exits everywhere, but I hope nothing happens.